Energy Human Resource Development and Energy Knowledge

        Energy conservation cannot be achieved if employees in the organization ignored and neglected including lack of knowledge and understanding that is required in energy savings whether it is in terms of awareness and way to manage the machines / equipments that consume so much energy.
       We are committed to improving the quality of services for developing human resources and intellectual energy, dissemination of knowledge on energy conservation solutions in the form of training to develop and transfer knowledge of management and technology. This will enable participants to understand the importance and necessity of energy savings and to know how to save energy and has alternative to use energy efficiently. We aim that if organization has incorporating strategies and has alongside activities continuously, in the end, most of employees will have discipline to use energy and turn to help save energy. As a result, the expense in energy cost of organization is reduced.

Training Courses

-  Preparation of Energy Management System Act. Conserve energy.

-  Preparation of an energy management system standard ISO 50001.

-  Energy conservation of air conditioning systems for large buildings.

-  Energy conservation of air conditioning systems for industrial plants.

-  Thermal energy conservation.

-  The conservation of energy in the power system.

-  The conservation of energy in the steam distribution system.

-  Raising awareness of energy conservation.

-  A case study of energy efficiency in industry.

-  Enhancing team to achieve energy efficiency.

-  Activities to adjust behavior of employees in an organization to build capacity in the conservation of energy.

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